Screen Mate Poo

Screen Mate Poo 1.0

Screen Mate Poo is a wonderful computer companion
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Screen Mate Poo is a wonderful computer companion. Just let him have free run of your computer and watch his antics! They will keep you amused while you are waiting for pages to download, things to print, etc. etc.
Poo takes baths, and sometimes gets beamed up by aliens! He likes to eat flowers, and bounce up and down. He's just as natural as any animal, see what I mean? He's not litter-trained! He makes cute little noises, and even sneezes! I wish I could thank the developer of this program, but his web page is gone and his e-mail no longer works! You can download your own Screen Mate Poo by clicking the button below. It's a zip file, and there is a text file with instructions included.

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